This is a final programme. Talks are 15+5 or 25+5 minutes long, supported formats are pdf, key, ppt, pptx, and odt. The presentation computer is Macbook Air, with Acrobat Reader, Keynote, Powerpoint, LibreOffice and VLC player installed. We kindly ask you to give us your presentation a day (night) before your talk. The best way to do it is to upload it from your personal profile.

12th September, Monday
9:30 Registration opens
11:00 R. Wünsch: Welcome to Janfest
11:15 G. Tenorio Tagle: Finally! [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]*
11:45 S. Ehlerová & R. Wünsch: Jan's Adventures in Wonderuniverse [abs] [pdf]
12:15 lunch
Session: Star formation on galactic scales
Chair: Pierre Vermot
14:30 B. Elmegreen: On the structure of Star Formation: large-scale filaments and small-scale feedback [abs] [pdf]
15:00 K. Kouroumpatzakis: The dependence of infrared (IR)-based stellar mass, and star-formation rate (SFR) measurements on stellar population age and extinction: updated near-IR stellar mass, and mid-IR SFR calibrations [abs] [pdf]
15:20 C. Román-Zúñiga: The SDSS APOGEE-2 Young Star Survey [abs]
15:40 R. Grossová: Radio observations of nearby X-ray and optically bright giant elliptical galaxies and their interaction with the intergalactic medium [abs] [key] [pdf]
16:00 coffee break
Session: Feedback by winds, supernovae and AGN
16:30 F. Combes: Star formation and AGN feedback in spiral galaxies [abs] [pdf]
17:00 O. Egorov: The energy balance between stellar sources and the ionized ISM in nearby galaxies [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
17:20 E. Lacchin: Supernova feedback effects in a star-forming globular cluster [abs] [key] [c.pdf]
18:00 J. Palouš: Star Formation: the Universal Wheel [abs] [key] [pdf]
19:00 Welcome reception at Kavárna Mlýnská
13th September, Tuesday
Session: Feedback by winds, supernovae and AGN - continue
Chair: Sergio Martínez González
9:00 C. Muñoz Tuñon: Exploring the feedback mode in Starburst galaxies with WEAVE mini-IFUs in HR [abs] [pdf]
9:30 E. Semkov: Long-term photometric variability of the pre-main sequence objects [abs] [ppt] [c.pdf]
9:50 G. Szász: New "Pseudo-Rotating" Stellar Atmospheres [abs] [pdf]
10:10 M. Romero: On the importance of radiation fields in supernova remnants [abs] [pdf]
10:30 coffee break
Session: Characteristics of stars and supernovae
11:00 B. Barna (I): Expansion of supernova driven shells near the Galactic Center [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
11:30 Sz. Zsíros: Comparative analysis on dust properties in core-collapse supernovae [abs]
11:50 A. Nagy: How to solve the mass-discrepancy problem of SESNe? [abs] [key] [c.pdf]
12:10 B. Pál : Comparative analysis of optical and radio light curves of SN2004gq Type Ib supernova [abs] [pdf]
12:30 lunch
Chair: Barnabás Barna
14:30 M. Solar: Extremely massive star progenitors for SNe Type Ic [abs]
14:50 P. Nedialkov: Long-term optical monitoring of two massive stars in NGC6946 galaxy [abs] [pdf]
Session: High mass and low mass star formation
15:10 A. Whitworth: THRESHOLDS FOR STAR FORMATION [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
15:40 K. Klos: Magnetic Support in the Turbulent Core Model of High-Mass Star-Formation [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
16:00 coffee break
16:30 B. Zimmermann: Feedback and SFE in Massive Star-Forming Regions - Confronting Simulations and Observations [abs] [odp] [vids zip] [c.pdf]
16:50 H. Ambrose: Multiplicity Statistics of Stars Formed from a Single Prestellar Core [abs]
17:10 G. Blaylock-Squibbs: Novel methods for quantifying the structure of star forming regions [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
17:30 T. Komesh: ALMA observations of hot cores confining hyper-compact H II regions [abs] [odp] [c.pdf]
17:50 B. Riaz : Complex organic molecules in Class 0 proto-brown dwarfs [abs]
18:30 Organ concert (programme)
14th September, Wednesday
Session: Formation of star clusters
Chair: Konstantinos Kouroumpatzakis
9:00 S. Oey (I): Starbursts Without Superwinds and Links to LyC Escape [abs] [pdf]
9:30 V. Ivanov: How many hidden supermassive star clusters are there in the Milky Way? [abs] [pdf]
9:50 S. Jiménez: On the formation of globular clusters: A confrontation of models with observations [abs] [pdf]
10:10 A. Ali: Stellar feedback and cluster formation in interacting Giant Molecular Clouds [abs] [key] [c.pdf]
10:30 coffee break
11:00 S. Silich (I): Self-regulated star formation in dense turbulent molecular clouds [abs] [pdf] [pptx]
11:30 M. Kourniotis: Gas clearance and cloud re-collapse driven by the stellar feedback [abs] [pdf]
11:50 Poster session
12:10 lunch
Session: Stellar kinematics and dynamics
Chair: Richard Wünsch
14:00 Per Olof Lindblad: online encounter [pdf]
14:30 J. Alves (I): The Gaia view on the local Milky Way [abs] [pdf]
15:00 E. J. Alfaro: 4D Topography of the Galactic Disk in the Solar Neighborhood: Shaping the Vertical Phase Space of the Clustered Star Formation. [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
15:20 B. Arnold: Quantifying kinematic substructure in young star forming regions [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
15:40 S. De Rijcke: Instabilities in disc galaxies: from phase-space grooves and breaks to spirals [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
16:00 Guided tour through the astronomical Prague (see division into groups);
15th September, Thursday
Session: Large scale environment of galaxies
Chair: Michalis Kourniotis
9:00 R. Taylor: The Dark AGES : Exploring The Origins Of Optically Undetected HI Clouds [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
9:30 M. Bernardini: EMBER: emulating gas fields from dark matter-only simulations [abs] [key] [c.pdf]
9:50 E. Cenci: What drives a starburst: a view from cosmological hydrodynamical simulations [abs] [key] [c.pdf]
10:10 B. Deshev: Star formation quenching in and around A963 [abs] [pdf]
10:30 coffee break
11:00 P. Jáchym: Molecular tails of jellyfish galaxies [abs] [pdf]
11:30 T. Ramezani: Bohm-Vitense Gaps [abs] [pdf]
12:00 L. Bassini: The inefficiency of stellar feedback in driving galactic outflows in massive galaxies at high redshift [abs]
Session: Structure of the ISM and molecular clouds
12:20 S. Walch-Gassner: The structure and energetics of magnetised molecular clouds [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
12:50 lunch
Chair: Becky Arnold
14:40 K. Grishunin: APEX CO-line Survey of the LMC: Signatures of Large-scale Feedback in the Clouds of 30 Doradus [abs] [pdf]
15:00 T. E. Rathjen: Optical emission line-diagnostics of the simulated interstellar medium in different environments [abs] [pdf] [pptx]
15:20 S. Ganguly: Shock compression and self-gravity: two ways to form filaments? [abs] [zip]
15:40 Y. Uyttenhove: Task based moving mesh hydrodynamics + gravity in SWIFT [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
16:00 coffee break
16:30 D. Seifried: Magnetic fields in molecular clouds - Impact on the dynamics and chemistry [abs] [key] [c.pdf]
17:00 M. Weis: The Virial Balance of molecular clumps and cores in colliding magnetized flows [abs]
17:20 M. Panessa: The time-dependent evolution of post-processed OH and HCO+ in molecular clouds [abs] [pdf]
17:40 S. Ebagezio: CO and [CII] line emission of molecular clouds -
 the impact of stellar feedback and non-equilibrium chemistry [abs] [pdf]
18:00 M. Morris: The Galactic Wind Close In: Massive Stars Versus the Central Black Hole [abs] [pptx] [c.pdf]
19:30 Conference dinner at Restaurant Nebozízek
16th September, Friday
Session: Structure of the ISM and molecular clouds (cont.)
Chair: Hannah Ambrose
9:00 J. D. Soler: The Galactic dynamics revealed by the filamentary structure in the atomic hydrogen emission [abs] [key] [c.pdf]
9:20 S. Martínez González (I): Dust Enrichment within Star-Forming Molecular Clouds [abs] [pdf]
9:50 A. Klepitko: Varying the Metallicity in Massive Star Formation [abs] [tar]
Session: Galactic centre
10:10 P. Vermot: Modeling stellar populations in nearby Galactic Nuclei [abs] [pdf]
10:30 coffee break
11:00 Conference summary by B. Elmegreen [pdf] [mp4]
11:30 Discussion led by A. Whitworth
~13:00 Farewell

* [c.pdf] stands for a pdf file resulting from an automatic conversion. It might be useful for a quick preview, however, formatting and other features may be broken.


The posters can be up to A0 size, they are displayed at the back of the conference room. There will be a poster session on Wednesday at 11:50, where you can advertise your poster in a 2 minute talk. For that you can upload 1 or 2 slide presentation in the same way as a talk presentation.

G. Blaylock-Squibbs: Quantifying the structure of star forming regions [abs]
O. Egorov: Morphological and kinematical signatures of the gas inflows and outflows in the nearby dwarf galaxies [abs]
V. Ivanov: Probing the physical parameters of massive clusters with red supergiants [abs]
A. Kabátová: New CO observation of Coma Cluster galaxies experiencing ram pressure stripping [abs] [pdf]
D. Kománek: Origin of Galactic globular clusters: application of the rapidly cooling shocked stellar winds model [abs] [pdf]
C. Román-Zúñiga: The Perseus Anomaly. Hubble-like Expansion of Young Stellar Groups in the Perseus Arm [abs]
M. Tapia: Detailed description of the astrophysical properties of the embedded mid- and high-mass young (proto)clusters from infrared studies [abs]